Pickled Sausages

Best Pickled Sausages On The Planet!

Glazier Packing company produces the best pickled sausages on the planet. Pickled sausage brands are hit and miss for taste, texture, and price. Most fail to deliver a sensational burst of flavor and deliciousness in every bite. Introducing the best pickled sausage on the planet. Glaziers pickled sausages are made with a balance of spices and top grade ingredients. Best of all is the great "SNAP" that pickled sausage fans love.

No Brand Compares To Glazier's

Perfectly spiced in vinegar, Glazier polish sausage are one of the best pickled products on the market. These sausages are truly the best on the face of the planet.  Bit into them and feel their awesome snap, followed by a burst of delicious pickled meat flavor. Most other brands are soft or mushy. A great snack for parties, gatherings or a family reunions. A must if you have a home bar.  Eat them right out of the jar, heated, or with your favorite crackers and cheese. You be the judge!

Glazier's Pickled Polish Sausage are packaged in a variety of sizes:

*60oz (3.12 lbs Meat) packed in a 1 gallon jar.
 Appx. 20 sausages.

*28oz (1.12lbs Meat) packed in a 1/2 gallon jar.
Appx.12 sausages.

*18oz (1.02lbs Meat) packed in a quart sized jar containing 7 sausages.

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